Saturday, December 19, 2009

Werewolve boyfriend drinking antifreeze...

Just a note to all hot wing lovers out there...don't take a nap after eating. I seriously had the scariest, most realistic (in terms of physically feeling every dreadful thing that happened to me) and outrageously obtuse dream of my life.

It started in a theatre. This wasn't any normal theatre however. Shaped like one of those futuristic apartment buildings from The Jetsons (only much shinier) and with a HUGE escalator leading up to the top. I'm with my boyfriend and some other random people I know from high school, old jobs...totally random, which didn't faze me in the least. We sit down in this theatre (that while looking like something from the year 4027 on the outside resembles something you would find in 19th century England) and it gets dark. The movie begins, but for some reason I'm not facing the screen and all the colors are distorted. This continued for quite some time like I was tripping on acid or something. Really weird. Then I get up and leave the theatre, and when I walk out, it's back to being the normal kind we see today. Very strange indeed, but again I was not bothered by this.
I try to pass through a crowd of men who may or may not have been collecting for something. Which really doesn't matter, but they wanted me to do something...I can't recall what, but the main man chased me (well..followed is more like it) around for a bit, we had a few spats, and this was over. I thought it was an invasion of my personal boundaries, and went back to the theatre to tell Dan (my boyfriend) all about it. He says "Something weird happened to me too" as the lights slowly brighten and he turns to face me....with a face that could still be his, but now resembles something dog or wolf-like. Of course, I back away and run out of the theatre with him calling after me "It's no use running, I can SMELL you!"

ok, now I am totally FREAKED OUT by this. He is no longer this sweet and loving guy, but a slow-moving Michael Myers creeper with a dog face! uhhh...scream.

You know that artist from NYC that builds inflatable sculptures from trash bags? He tapes them to the vents above the subway and when the train goes by, the creature blows up and you can see it move and sway with the wind, and then it deflates and goes back to the ground. There was one of these things (it was GIGANTIC) outside the theatre. Me and my bright self thought that it would be a good idea to climb on and fly out of the situation despite my horrid fear of heights. Soooo, I go up, up, up, and up some more (higher than the theatre) and look down to see Dan down below me. Just staring. Then I start to fall back down - note that these things feel like they are really happening. I'm out of breath my stomach is jumping into my chest every time I fall to the's intense.
Somehow (this part escapes my memory), I manage to run off to some house with Cutco in the kitchen (Cutco knives are the best...I sold them for a few months but had to stop due to my serious fear of being stabbed). I grab the biggest knife I can find (somehow forgetting that you need silver and not steel to kill a werewolf) and then I hear him sit down and start talking to me just like normal. I think he's between phases (kind of like the full moon covered by the clouds except it was a bright day in the dream) so I talk back and slowly peak my head through the doorway.
He is just taking a break! He's sitting there with a bottle of antifreeze - YES ANTIFREEZE,....WTF? drinking it like there's no tomorrow. I realize it's all a trap and turn to run with my knife at the ready. Then he pulls the Michael Myers trick again and appears like magic in front of me with an even bigger knife than mine, and it's ON MY CHEST. I really feel the tip of the blade there...I'm about to die, and am having a panic attack - like if I wasn't asleep I'd have passed out. I couldn't wake up even though I KNEW it was a dream. Then, as he pushed the blade in I was numb. I couldn't feel anything and everything went all cloudy and well..dreamlike (the hollywood version).
Then, I was back at the theatre, still facing sideways, but the colors were normal. Everything was normal, but I was still suspicious. I knew I couldn't get out of it that easily. I touched Dan's hand, and a slip of paper fell out of his shirt with words that he had said to me while he chased me scribbled on it. I looked in his jacket and it was full of them. Everyone started laughing at the funny prank they pulled on me...and then Brooke (a friend from high school) comes up beside me after they tell me it's a joke, and says in a very dramatic tone "or is it" (cliche to the max, I know) and I scream, and ran back out of the theatre, followed by an army of werewolves. Freeze-frame this moment...and I wake up. I'm never eating wings before sleeping EVER AGAIN!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

back into the swing of things...

Ok, I've had time to recover (kind of) and am planning a small flower garden for Bella. I'll spread her ashes there in the spring time.

Lately I have really been into hiking and nature and the whole getting lost in the woods feeling. I went to Fall Creek Falls last weekend and stood atop Buzzard's Roost with my family. My sister and I did yoga up there, and it was fantastic. You wouldn't believe how relaxing it was...which is odd since it's on a cliff...a leg spasm could send you plummeting to your death. 0.0;

And am I the only one who is sick of hearing about New Moon? Honestly, you'd think it's the only movie that's out! Oi.

Hmmm..what else to tell you?

I'm transferring schools and majoring in Dance. I know, right? Huge change...but I'll still be working on stop motion in my spare time, no worries. :)

I'm going to take lessons at the Nashville Ballet sometime soon, and get myself back in shape (I have lost a lot of flexibility in the last two years). I am quiiiiite excited about have no idea how much I've missed dancing. :(

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rest in Peace, Bella

I adopted her last year in June, and she had been abused. She was blind in one eye and had some neurological problems, but after I had her for a few months you really couldn't tell anything was wrong with her. She sat around more than the average kitty, but overall she was normal. Two weeks ago the fleas got the best of her, and I took her to the emergency room. She had become anemic, and they gave her a magic pill that killed all the fleas on her within five minutes. She was discharged, and I promptly came home, bombed the house (w/out the kitties in it of course), and everything was good. Last week she had a total relapse, and was just incredibly lethargic and puny. I took her to my vet who told me that her electrolyte levels were off, and her sodium count was extremely high which was causing dehydration and flaring up her neurological symptoms. He asked me to keep her there for a few days to get things back to normal and send her back home.

The next morning, I went up there to see her, and the vet comes out and tells me she didn't make it through the night....I was completely caught off guard. They told me the night before on the phone that she was doing better. They left her there all alone during the night. Had I known that there wouldn't be anyone there I could have taken her home with me so that if something did happen I could take her back to the emergency room. But no. She died in a little metal cage, scared and alone.

My baby is gone forever, and they couldn't even tell me why or how it even happened. No longer will she wake me up in the morning, and nuzzle my nose asking for breakfast, or come running every time she hears Paula Dean the Butter Queen on the TV. I'll never get to pet her again...I didn't even get to say a proper goodbye...they just snatched her up and took her...

I'm having her cremated. This spring I'm making a flower garden for her, and spreading her ashes there where she can always watch the butterflies and listen to the birds sing.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

the foulest stench is in the air, the funk of thirty thousand years!

I looove Halloween. :)

Also, I have some armature fixin's and some clay. There is a puppet in my future! I need a drill...perhaps I'll borrow one from the boyfriend, yes? I've decided to do a few experimental animations before I get started on the short I had planned. Just to get a feel for everything, you know? I'm pretty excited about it, and it'll make me feel like I'm being productive. Always good, right? They'll just be really short things like sitting around a fire, a lady feeding the birds, a guy playing a harp. Stuff like that. Then I won't feel really overwhelmed with it all, and I'll get a lot of practice in. ^^

Tomorrow I get to paint my sister's new room (she's moving back here!), which is seriously inconvenient, but whatever. I need to be finishing up my homework for the week - by the by...I got an A on my art history exam!!! It'll be quite interesting to see how this month works out what with school, working, nanowrimo, stop motion, and my sister moving home...hectic, much? That's ok, I'll enjoy it all. :D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ok, so I went sketch crazy last week and I colored them all w/colored pencils. They look super nice in person, but when I put them into the computer they looked quite trashy. xP So, I decided to just upload them as line art and color them in w/my neglected tablet.

My problem is that I cannot decide what is wrong with it...This is my first attempt...

I don't know what's wrong, but it just doesn't feel right...Too busy maybe? Anyway, I decided to give it another go, and totally changed the style of it.

Now this one looks crappy in thumbnail, but I like it when you can see everything. *shrug* it doesn't feel finished either...I'm so frustrated! :(

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You shine like gold in the air of summer

A lovely watercolor I did a few days ago. :)

I love that new colored pencil smell. Especially that smell it makes when you sharpen it with an exacto knife - so raw and real. *heavy sigh* Today was spent with my pad of Vellum paper and new pencils. I had a spectacular time. It's bizarre how the day just slips away from you when you are so involved in something you don't care to pay attention to the hour.

Would you believe that I had never enjoyed listening to Commentaries until Coraline came out? I suppose it's my sincere love for that movie - everything about it...I just can't get over how magical it is. Anyway, I listened to the commentary today (again) as I drew, and it really got me started on a kick. I think I'd like to listen to the commentaries of some of my other favorite movies (The Dark Crystal, Nightmare Before Christmas, Wallace and Gromitt, and definitely a few old Disney movies) while I do my work tomorrow. It's crazy exciting to learn about all that happened behind the scenes of the movies...Ooooh warm and happy feelings!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I can hear the crickets

Sorry for my absence. My kitty has been sick the past few days, and is finally starting to show some signs of improvement. I think I'll have to take her back to the vet tomorrow since I think she is a bit backed up. Of course she may just be doing it in secret somewhere...I sincerely hope not. xP

On a less nasty note, I made a super delicious smoothie today with organic berries and some kale leaves. Oh, it was so yummy! I may be getting on a fresh food kick, which will involve a trip to the farmer's market! Teehee, I'm all giddy just thinking about it. Who else LOVES food?! Yum :)

Ok, I am fully aware of how early I am for this rant...we haven't even gotten past Halloween yet. However, I just have to say how disappointed I was in The Santa Clause 2....they totally ruined Bernard's character...*heavy/frustrated sigh* The last two were totally unnecessary really. I am just going to pretend they don't exist.

Oh, how I love scatterbrained posts like this. I kind of wish my first paragraph started with an O.