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Monday, August 31, 2009

Right Wing, Left Wing, Chicken Wing

I painted my library today. That sounds SO fancy, doesn't it?! Really, it's not lol it's just a hallway type thing with shelves everywhere...and now it's PURPLE!!! :D

I got absolutely zero crochet work done today. *frowns* I'm in the middle of a project, literally halfway finished, and am dieing to have it done. I am also trying to decide the best way to give my crocheted characters a wire armature. In January I'm starting a Grimm series, where I make stop motion movies for the stories (there are PLENTY to choose from...I loooove them all!). I wanted to start this last January, but I had an accident, and had to spend all my money on medical bills. I didn't even get to go to school that semester. :(

Speaking of school, I start this Saturday!!! I'm so excited, here's a list of my classes. :D

Introduction to Computer Graphics for Animation
History of Animation
History and Technology of VFX and Computer Animation
Art History through the 15th Century

Lots of History this semester, eh? I don't mind though, I love that stuff.

Sorry there aren't any picture today. I'll give you double tomorrow. ^^

Oh, and don't forget to feed my fish! Looove them :D

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Abdominal Stars are Abominable.

Hehe, remember the Sneetches?! :D

Welcome to the wonderful world of me. Here you will be visited by my curious creations. Some of these will be for sale in my shop (opening next week on September 3rd). However, others will be used for a stop motion film I am starting soon, and also a graphic novel I'll be writing in November.

That's right folks, this fall is going to be busy, busy, busy! I've got 2 1/2 Etsy shops to run all by myself (one vintage, one for my little creations...I must come up with a new word for them!).

For your viewing pleasure, I'd like for you to meet the Man in the Moon. He will be starring in my graphic novel. Made out of Van Aken Modeling Clay, he has a wire armature, and is fully prepared to go on stage in November. I am SO excited!

There will be characters of all shapes and sizes shown here. I make crochet dolls (they remind me of Invader Zim These can range from normal sized dolls to some that are 3 inches high. There will be sculpted characters (as shown above), chalkboard lovelies, and some hairy painted monstrosities! I love trying out new things, so who knows what could show up here.

I hope you keep up with this, because there will be loads of exciting things coming around at the beginning of the year! *coughAMINATIONScoughcough* and other things. :)