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Monday, August 31, 2009

Right Wing, Left Wing, Chicken Wing

I painted my library today. That sounds SO fancy, doesn't it?! Really, it's not lol it's just a hallway type thing with shelves everywhere...and now it's PURPLE!!! :D

I got absolutely zero crochet work done today. *frowns* I'm in the middle of a project, literally halfway finished, and am dieing to have it done. I am also trying to decide the best way to give my crocheted characters a wire armature. In January I'm starting a Grimm series, where I make stop motion movies for the stories (there are PLENTY to choose from...I loooove them all!). I wanted to start this last January, but I had an accident, and had to spend all my money on medical bills. I didn't even get to go to school that semester. :(

Speaking of school, I start this Saturday!!! I'm so excited, here's a list of my classes. :D

Introduction to Computer Graphics for Animation
History of Animation
History and Technology of VFX and Computer Animation
Art History through the 15th Century

Lots of History this semester, eh? I don't mind though, I love that stuff.

Sorry there aren't any picture today. I'll give you double tomorrow. ^^

Oh, and don't forget to feed my fish! Looove them :D

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