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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Squish, Squash, Pumpkin Sauce

I listened to the Coraline commentary yesterday while I crocheted. Twas so awesome I followed it up with the Nightmare Before Christmas commentary. lol After which I watched all the behind the scenes stuff for both...*sigh* Oh, how I LOVE stop motion. I would have given anything to walk around the Coraline sets, or see the puppets in real life...Those people are all so incredibly talented!

Anyway, I'll be opening up shop as soon as I can. *shrug* I'm trying to wait for my medium sized boxes to get here, but you can see everything I'll be selling on my blog before I open up. That will give me a bit more time to make some more dolls beforehand though. I'm thinking about selling some sculptures, but I'll have to buy a whole new kind of clay (I use modeling clay here, and there is a TON in my house). Oh well, I need to make some set pieces anyway...

Here is my first doll. She's pretty floppy, and her head is heavy. Could you just see a little girl running around with her?! I totally could, and she would be the coolest kid in the cul de sac because her doll is handmade and awesome to the max. :)

This guy is only 2 3/4inches tall when standing, 2 when sitting. As you can see, he's only as big as her foot! He is 5-way thread jointed (head, arms, legs) and has a super awesome purple helmet.

So, I kept my promise of two pictures! Yay! Today I'm crocheting another doll, and I may do some sculpting. Thanks for reading, and be looking for another post tonight! :D

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