Wednesday, November 18, 2009

back into the swing of things...

Ok, I've had time to recover (kind of) and am planning a small flower garden for Bella. I'll spread her ashes there in the spring time.

Lately I have really been into hiking and nature and the whole getting lost in the woods feeling. I went to Fall Creek Falls last weekend and stood atop Buzzard's Roost with my family. My sister and I did yoga up there, and it was fantastic. You wouldn't believe how relaxing it was...which is odd since it's on a cliff...a leg spasm could send you plummeting to your death. 0.0;

And am I the only one who is sick of hearing about New Moon? Honestly, you'd think it's the only movie that's out! Oi.

Hmmm..what else to tell you?

I'm transferring schools and majoring in Dance. I know, right? Huge change...but I'll still be working on stop motion in my spare time, no worries. :)

I'm going to take lessons at the Nashville Ballet sometime soon, and get myself back in shape (I have lost a lot of flexibility in the last two years). I am quiiiiite excited about have no idea how much I've missed dancing. :(


  1. I cannot believe you know Jimmy and Justin! That is unbelievably cool in my book. I think I'm gonna have to come visit you so we can all be best friends ;)
    Also so cool that you're majoring in dance and into yoga and nature/hiking... All my favorites.

  2. Oh my gosh Aimee - Thanks for joining my Horns and Halos challenge! Once you've got an idea of what books you'd like to read, please post about the challenge so that you can then sign up with Mr Linky and you'll get more visits to your page!

    I'll be putting up a post for reviews only, so once you do a review of a book (if you like doing reviews) you can put every individual link of each review on my post, and then people can come and read your reviews!

    And btw, you are like my mirror half! its crazy. Besides having the best name EVER, you love to write, read and dance and everything else! you even have one of my favourite quotes on your page from Peter Pan....awesomeness.